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#23 - Harrison Bieth


Episode Overview

This episode features excerpts of a conversation between Rich Soni and Harrison Bieth.

In this conversation, Harrison shares the background of his newly released EP: Roast Beef: Light Roast.

Harrison Bieth is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist from northern New Jersey, USA.

This is the fourth episode of The Rich Soni Podcast featuring Harrison.

Others include:

  1. Episode 20 - which covers parts of his 2020 album Splash of the Oceanic Sky, as well as the concept of 'unlocking' artists with a higher appreciation curve, as well as much more
  2. Episode 17 - which covers other parts of Splash of the Oceanic Sky, and much more
  3. Episode 11 - where we explore some of Harrison's earlier work, and contributions to other projects