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#24 - Andrew T. Miles


Episode Overview

Andrew T. Miles is a master pianist, prolific composer and veteran performer within the New Jersey open mic scene.  As an artist, Andrew encodes himself within his compositions.  As he says himself, "to know my music is to know me."

On this episode, Andrew relates the meaning of a selection of his compositions through conversation and performance.  Like much of his music, the selections in this episode have a philosophical bent, which focus on Andrew's firm commitment to authenticity and individuality.

Selected Links

  1. Rich Soni Podcast #21 - Andrew T. Miles - last episode with Andrew
  2. youtube/@atmiles88 - Andrew's Youtube channel, where he regularly posts
  3. Shatter The Glass by Andrew T. Miles
  4. Departure by Andrew T. Miles
  5. Keys To My Inner Sanctum by Andrew T. Miles
  6. 3:02 by Andrew T. Miles