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#25 - Mallory Feuer


Episode Overview

Mallory Feuer is a talented hypercreative who is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, artist, and software developer.

On this episode we discuss her musical origins, her tenure as a member of the now defunct Sidewalk Cafe Open Mic scene, her development as a songwriter, and founding The Grasping Straws.

We discuss The Grasping Straws' music at length, and this episode will present their music in between the discussion.One topic we dive deep into the recording process, and the songwriting process.  We discuss the growth of the group, and why their upcoming album "Patterns" is the culmination of that growth.

Mallory also is a member of Jeffrey Lewis and The Voltage, and has been on tour, and recorded with them recently.  We discuss how being in this group has influenced her work with The Grasping Straws, and we discuss her experience in that group in general.

We also spend a decent amount of time talking about touring, and the intricacies of what is involved to pull one off successfully.  We hope you enjoy listening to this discussion as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you.

Selected Links

  2. The Grasping Straws on Youtube
  3. The Grasping Straws on Spotify
  4. Jeffrey Lewis on Spotify