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#26 - Evan Miklosey & Andrew T. Miles


Episode Overview

In this episode, Andrew T. Miles, a master pianist and composer, returns with his friend and fellow musician, Evan Miklosey. Together, they have formed the collaboration known as EMATM (Evan Miklosey / Andrew T. Miles), building on the foundation of their individual experiences, as discussed in Rich Soni Podcast #21 and Rich Soni Podcast #24 - Andrew T. Miles.

The conversation in this episode explores the origins of their partnership and examines Evan's music, which draws inspiration from technical prog rock and the works of Michael Hedges and Don Ross.

Evan shares his experiences in mastering his technique and the nuances of performing as a solo artist in small, intimate venues. He emphasizes the importance of selecting attentive environments over loud coffee shops or bars for his performances.The episode also touches upon the impact of their collaboration on Andrew's and Evan's respective musical journeys.

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Selected Links

  1. youtube/@atmiles88 - Andrew's Youtube channel, where he regularly posts
  2. instagram/mikloseye - Evan Miklosey's Instagram
  3. EMATM on Youtube