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#31 - Lupe Dragon

Guests: Lupe Dragon

Episode Overview

Lupe Dragon is an alternative singer/songwriter from Northern New Jersey. She has performed in various parts of New Jersey. With the writing style of Ed Sheeran, the swagger of Billie Eilish and a voice similar to the likes of Hayley Williams (Paramore) and Alanis Morisette, she is a female powerhouse. In 2018 she recorded her EP "Can't Even Stand It" and released it in February of the following year (2019). She later went on to release a remix of her hit song "Not The Same (Out of Spite)" with fellow rap artist Aarvee, in 2020 released her single "Happiness", "Butterflies" and in 2021 her acoustic EP "Bedroom Files Vol. 1". "She gets more people riled up than half the rappers on stage"--Ryan Sullivan (BopCast 2021- Speaking on Lupe performing at Madminds Events at Boontunes).

More recently she has released a slew of singles: Distance (2021), I Know What You Did (2022), Your Charming Head (2022), Unsaid (2023), Attached (2023).