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#33 Erin Cadigan and Liz Jezorski


The Grateful Dead Tarot (@gratefuldeadtarot) is a powerful tarot deck and book set marrying the esoteric knowledge and symbolism of the original tarot cards with the archetypes and mythologies of Grateful Dead. Each card is an original illustration by artist, Erin Cadigan, printed in full color plus gold metallic ink. The guidebook is a loving written tome full of wisdom and esoteric secrets from author and astrologer, Elizabeth Jezorski. Both women are life long Dead Heads and tarot aficionados.

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Elizabeth Jezorski (@wildembodiment) is the mastermind behind Grateful Dead Tarot and the author of the guidebook. She dances through life sharing wisdom she pulls from the ancient arts of astrology, ceremony, and energy work.

As both a free soul inhabiting human form and a professional, Liz draws upon modalities of cosmos, movement, psychology and meditation to midwife the soul into wholeness and authenticity. She has a M.A. in Dance Movement Therapy and a B.A. in Transpersonal Psychology. She has spent much of her adulthood balancing between motherhood and a free wheeling existence on the road with various festivals and live music events. Being able to converge all aspects of herself into this magic moment is a dream come true.

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Erin Cadigan (@threeerincadigan) is the illustrator and product designer of Grateful Dead Tarot. She is a life long deadhead, occultist and creative soul constantly redefining her path through this lifetime.

After graduating university with a BFA she packed her art supplies into her van and hit the American highways, selling her art and following bands. She’s gone from selling art out of the back of her van to designing for some of the world’s largest fashion corporations to building a boutique hotel. She has engaged in projects in the fields of illustration & fine art, fashion & textile design, and academia & entrepreneurship. She is professionally and creatively diverse but it’s going to be awhile before she tops this one.

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