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#34 Eros Marcello


Episode Overview

Eros Marcello is a Forbes-featured Techo-Dexterous Design Engineer specializing in human-interfacing, user-augmentative Artificial Intelligence - particularly conversational interfaces, LLMs and multimodal AI.
His body of work in AI/ML includes positions @ Apple, Facebook (Meta), Samsung, Salesforce and more.
Additionally, Eros is the founder black dream ai - and while still in stealth - is researching + developing AI-native neurotechnolgy. The firm recently announced their open-source initiatives: Ouija - “God View for your brain” and Converge - The worlds first human-machine created programming language for Neuromorphic Engineering.
Eros Marcello is based @ NASA Ames Research Park in Silicon Valley, California, with a satellite office @ NASA Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

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