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#35 Harrison Bieth and Ziggy Grover


In this episode, Rich has a conversation with Harrison Bieth and Ziggy Grover. In addition to a few odds & ends, they mostly discuss the 2023 compilation Songs To Add Light To Dark" which was compiled by Harrison. Proceeds from this compilation are being donated to The Trevor Project. Rich & Ziggy both contributed songs to this compilation.

Ziggy Grover is a singer-songwriter from Allendale, New Jersey. Beginning his career performing at local coffee houses, Ziggy spent time wandering around music and art spaces, combining eclectic influences with narratives containing reflections, hopes, and fears.

Since making his way through the New Jersey Open Mic stages, Ziggy has been releasing music that takes from all walks of life and performing solo or with bands Dizaster Horse and the Midnight Fox Project. He also spent time documenting and making movies out of the local music scene.

Harrison Bieth is a local New Jersey musician who has been active in the music scene since 2013. He as played in a variety of different projects over the years and recorded with a lot of talented NJ artists. He currently plays guitar and sax in Andrew & the Valentines, as well as creating solo material. His current release, entitled Through the Lens of the Mind, is available to stream on all music streaming platforms. His musical style borders on folk rock, with elements of shoegaze, progressive rock, and experimental. In addition, he created a compilation under the name The Creative Collective, entitled Songs To Add Light To Dark".


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